Running Through A Moment

We remember our lives as singular moments. The most exciting part is we don’t usually know when one, an always and forever remembered one, is taking place. Sometimes though – we do. Last night I had one. And I knew it. In a quiet and seemingly private park I knew I was fully living one of those moments.

There were close to 100 of us and we had Central Park in NYC all to ourselves. We are runners. And we know that for what we put in to our running we will get so much more out of it. And that is why the weather doesn’t decide when we run. We decide when we run.

Yes, it was cold. Yes, it was snowing. And yes, we ran. And we were given a gift as a result – a snowfall covered course with only the gentle sounds of our effort as a soundtrack. I tried to take as much of it in as I could. I thought – THIS is a moment. Right now. Here. Take it in. All of it – the sights and sounds and the faces of the other runners and the skyline and the snow dusted horse and carriages. Remember this – these things – remember tonight.

And if the memory ever gets hazy I got yet another gift today – a picture from @paulstawong – the one that graces the top of this post – that captured it all.

And it all happened because I just went for a run. And as usual, I walked away with so much more.

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