Some Years Are Longer Than Others

Has it been a tough year for you?
It’s OK to admit it.
I’ll go first.
It’s probably the hardest one I’ve had.
I’ve had worse moments, dark ones, in different years.
But day in and day out?
It’s been a tough year.
And now it’s getting ready to end.
I know it’s just the flip of a piece of paper, a change in the name or the number but I can’t help but look forward to January – to 2016.
But, first I have to say thank you.
Thank you to 2015.
Thank you for making me feel like I was in a race where I was always behind, never in control, and grinding from the gun.
Thank you for waking me up almost every day stressed and tired and tucking me in every night confused and exhausted.
Thank you for making me question myself.
Doubt myself.
Curse myself.
Thank you for beating the crap out of me.
I didn’t know that I could get through it.
I didn’t know I could take it.
I didn’t know I could keep going.
But I did.
It’s been a tough year.
But I learned I was tougher.
So goodbye 2015.
Because it’s time to leave you behind and go a few miles with 2016.
Next year though, I’m taking the pace.
Next year I’m leading.
I’m going to make it so it’s a pure guts race.
And if it is…I now know I’m the only one who can win it.
For that I say thank you 2015.

The View From The Top

They will tell you that you are too young to reach the mountaintop.

They will tell you it is too soon to reach so high. 

They say that only when you are older should you crest the mountain.

They will tell you to wait. 

Slow down. 


Turn back. 

They tell you this because they are old inside. 
And you are young.

They tell you this because they turned back..because they listened to people tell them what they now tell you.
They believed that they needed to wait. 

So they stopped. 

They turned around. 

And they grew old as they walked down the mountain. 

Don’t listen to them. 
Run right past them. 

Run to the top of this mountain. 

And when you reach the top look around. 

You will see what they never did.

This is not the mountaintop. 

It is a mountaintop.

There are so many more mountains.

And they are all waiting for you. 
Good luck to all the extraordinary harriers racing at Nike Cross Nationals this weekend.

And to all those athletes everywhere that grow younger every mile they run.