are you up for the challenge?

the bennett family loves goals and challenges, so we took inspiration from steve prefontaine’s pirate 1000 mile club and tweaked it just a bit to create our own challenge.

without further ado,  introducing the summer miles club.

Join us for a mileage challenge from june 26 – september 3. we have 10 weeks in which to run 100, 200, 300 or 400 miles.  (if you want a bigger challenge, let us know.)   we want this to be a fun way to get in hundreds of miles over the summer, with a slight taste of a challenge.  and because you get better at what you track, part of the challenge is to keep a running log.

here are the rules ::

  1. register and pay here.
  2. start running. consistency is more important than sporadic high mileage days.  be smart.
  3. fill out your running log every saturday or sunday using the honor system.  take a screenshot or photo of your log and email it or text it to us. please include date, distance run, location and how you felt.  (you can use emojis, number scale or words)
  4. only miles run or walked during dates of challenge count.
  5. at the end of the 10 weeks, if you’ve run 100-199 miles, you get the 100 mile club shirt. 200-299 miles = 200 mile club shirt.  300-399 = 300 mile club shirt.  400-499 = 400 mile club shirt. if you run 0-99.9 miles you get a “less than 100 miles club” shirt.

want in?  we know you do!  here’s what you get for your $50 registration fee :

  1. exclusive bennett-designed cotton t-shirt that you can wear with pride.  it’s a great conversation starter and proof that you belong to an exclusive club.
  2. weekly emails with updated mileage totals so you know where you stand.  (and you’ll know where others stand, too, so feel free to challenge your friends and family.)  we will also include a track workout, running tip, and a fun link for inspiration.  we may even sneak in a fun surprise here and there.
  3. option to attend track workouts with tammie one morning a week (time and place TBD, but likely wilson, OES or jackson track at 9:15am).  ALL ages and abilities welcome.  this is low key and informal.  bring a water bottle and a watch.
  4. we will host occasional, informal, low-key runs  where we will provide light post-run refreshments.
  5. lots of miles under your belt
  6. special feeling of being part of something fun!

*please get the advice of a physician before starting this or any other fitness program.  we are not responsible for any injuries or illnesses you suffer while taking part in this challenge. *

have questions?  check out frequently asked questions and answers here.  still have questions after reading this page and the FAQ page?  email us

so are you in?!

click here to register.  and invite anyone you know who may be interested.  the more the merrier!

registration closes july 1.

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