another starting line

Such a cheesy title for the first post but better to be upfront early about what will happen here I guess. It’s going to get cheesy at times because I get cheesy. But, it will always be honest because all of that velveeta comes from a real place. I’m hoping that maybe, in a small way, and also hoping that someday in a big way, this blog, these messages, battlecries, anthems, jokes, incoherent ramblings can help push running forward as a sport. Not just for the elite or just the weekend warrior or the new or the old but rather push the entire sport forward.

Big goal. Yes. Why not? Worst case scenario this exercise makes only the smallest wave, maybe even only a ripple.  Maybe this only helps me gather my thoughts, celebrate those I believe in, vent my frustrations, offer advice to the wind. That is alright too.  I’d rather it all matter though. So, we start. Here at the beginning of 2014.

I will be writing about running. I will be writing about all of the aspects and people and stories and events that I find exceptional within this great sport. I will be writing about what I see  wrong with the sport and how the sport is run or how meets are executed and how the events and athletes are marketed, how we deliver the message. I will share with you my story as an athlete, a coach, a fan. I will draw attention to areas that I feel deserve attention and in doing so draw attention away from areas that I believe do not. I will shine lights on those people and events that take this sport forward and I will shine those same bright lights on those that try to drag the sport into dark corners.

Make no mistake, this will be my point of view. I sincerely hope you are interested, inspired, motivated and entertained.  I will be cheesy at times, I will be honest always, and I will do my best.

Please visit and come back often.


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