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The Truth Will Let You Run Free

What’s the secret? How do you get better at running? How do you run faster? Run stronger? You really want to know?Love. 

That’s the secret. 

Love it. 

I know. It’s probably cooler to say it’s about guts and more hard core to say it’s about tolerating pain or running X amount of miles. 

I don’t care. 

It’s love. You wanted the answer. I just gave it. 

You want to be great…at anything…then be ready to fall in love with it. 

You can’t be truly brave without love. 

You can’t tolerate pain for the right reasons without it. 

You can’t sacrifice yourself without love. 

You can’t be willing to do more and take on more and hurt more and believe more and be more…without it. 

It’s probably cooler to say something else here. 

I know it sounds soft. Cheesy too. 

But when you love something you tell the truth about it. 

That’s cool enough for me.