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Some Years Are Longer Than Others

Has it been a tough year for you?
It’s OK to admit it.
I’ll go first.
It’s probably the hardest one I’ve had.
I’ve had worse moments, dark ones, in different years.
But day in and day out?
It’s been a tough year.
And now it’s getting ready to end.
I know it’s just the flip of a piece of paper, a change in the name or the number but I can’t help but look forward to January – to 2016.
But, first I have to say thank you.
Thank you to 2015.
Thank you for making me feel like I was in a race where I was always behind, never in control, and grinding from the gun.
Thank you for waking me up almost every day stressed and tired and tucking me in every night confused and exhausted.
Thank you for making me question myself.
Doubt myself.
Curse myself.
Thank you for beating the crap out of me.
I didn’t know that I could get through it.
I didn’t know I could take it.
I didn’t know I could keep going.
But I did.
It’s been a tough year.
But I learned I was tougher.
So goodbye 2015.
Because it’s time to leave you behind and go a few miles with 2016.
Next year though, I’m taking the pace.
Next year I’m leading.
I’m going to make it so it’s a pure guts race.
And if it is…I now know I’m the only one who can win it.
For that I say thank you 2015.

Coaching Change

One of the things I love about coaching is that every day I am dealing with new athletes. It might be the same person in a literal sense but they are constantly changing as athletes. Yesterday always inspires today. And today will inspire tomorrow. That’s exciting to me.

How will the athlete react to these changes? To the potential they feel? To the glimpse of greatness they saw? To the setback(s)? To the enormity of the future? To the lack of a finish line? Will they overcome? Will they be overcome?

Will I?

If we’re really trying to get better, be better – than we have already agreed that we are trying to change. This change demands adjustments – and flexibility. And it demands us to be comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Change isn’t easy. It’s far simpler and easier to have your truth be the only one, your schedule to be written in pen instead of pencil, and to allow no second attempts after failure – or worse, no failure in your life at all.

But none of you run (live) expecting it to be easy. You run (live) because you are looking for change.

So I’ll show up at practice. Looking forward to seeing so many familiar faces on so many new athletes.

That’s one thing I hope never changes.

Post inspired by listening to Archers of Loaf. Weird where the spark comes from sometimes. That’s why you always have to be looking.

A New Year Toast

Before the clock strikes midnight and you lose your deposit on the carriage raise a glass to yourself.

Toast that you’re here.
Toast those that are not.
Toast those that still are.
Toast those that push you.
Toast those that pull you.
Toast those that believe in you.

Toast that you believe.

Toast that you can’t truly believe in anything until you believe in yourself.
Toast that you know that.

Toast your success.
Toast your failure.
Toast how high you reached and how hard you fell.
Toast getting back up.

Toast the times you came up short.
Toast how far you have come.
Toast how much you learned.
Toast how little you know.

Toast that you are ready to line up on another starting line.
Toast all those miles left to run.
Toast that there is so much you’ve yet to accomplish.
And toast that you won’t accomplish anything unless you accomplish it yourself.

Like this toast.

And finally, toast that you will toast more this year.

Now I’ll toast to that.

and Happy New Year