Summer Miles FAQ

when do i start recording my mileage?  june 26!

what ages can take part in the summer miles club?  ALL ages as long as you are healthy and run smart.  Runners under 18 years of age must have permission and guidance of parent.

do i have to run?  You can either run or walk.  This challenge measures distance covered by your feet, not time spent on the tennis court or in the pool.

how do i know how many miles i’ve run?  many ways to do this.  you can run on a track or marked trail.  you could use a GPS on your phone or watch. you can guesstimate your pace and based on how many minutes you run, you can figure out about how many miles you’ve covered.

what do i need for a running log?  you can use a good, old-fashioned paper log/notebook or apps like the Nike+ Run Club app.  for this challenge we want to see date, distance run, location and how you felt.  (you can use emojis, number scale or words).   you’ll take a screenshot or photo of your log and email it or text it to us every saturday or sunday night.

what if i get hurt and can’t complete the challenge?  we hope you’re running smart and that doesn’t happen.  as with all goals, there is no guarantee of success.  because of that, we will not issue refunds.  we hope you still gain inspiration from the emails we send and from the fact that you went after something cool.

what if i end up running more miles than i signed up for?  awesome, rock star!  if you hit the next tier, you’ll get the corresponding shirt.  at the end of the 10 weeks, we’ll see how many miles you ran and that’s what shirt you get as follows  :: at the end of the 10 weeks, if you’ve run 100-199 miles, you get the 100 mile club shirt. 200-299 miles = 200 mile club shirt.  300-399 = 300 mile club shirt.  400-499 = 400 mile club shirt.  if you run 0-99.9 miles you get a “less than 100 miles club” shirt.

do i have to live in portland?  nope!  you won’t be able to take part in the in-person runs we do, but we will be including the track workout in our email each week, so you can take part wherever you live.  we think it’s awesome to have people from around the globe taking part in this challenge!

can i count the miles i walk during work or around the house?  we are happy you are getting in the miles, but only miles covered during exercise count.  so not the miles you walk from your couch to the fridge, not the miles you walk from the parking lot to your desk and not the miles you walk around the shopping mall.

still have questions?  email us

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